Online Roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games. The most exciting thing is that absolutely all players have an equal chance of missing or winning a game regardless either you gamble on-line either in a land-based casino.

In order to gamble roulette on the website, first of all, that is required is to comprehend how the gaming table itself looks like. The deck includes marked sections with sections from 1 to 36. Same areas are marked on the wheel. Some of the varieties of this game have their own characteristics such as the American version of the game.

In this version, there is also a markup 00 on an online roulette wheel. As soon as the dealer kicks off the wheel, it starts to rotate slowly and then the croupier throws the ball. Over time, the wheel spin gradually begins to slow down, and the ball falls on one of the sections marked on the wheel. Players have a small amount of time to make certain stakes on a certain number and also on even or odd sections. In addition, players can also choose the colour of the section on which the ball falls as a stake.

Middle of the sections on the wheel is marked in black and the remaining half in red, and the zero section is usually green.

However, it should also be understood that in each of the varieties of roulette, there is a particular chance of winning and losing. The most prevalent version of roulette is American and European.

As you probably could understand when a ball falls on a section, zero wins the casino. That is why in the US variant of gambling, the chances to earn are somewhat less since there are several zero sections.

In order to better comprehend the rules of the play and get to know how to win at online roulette accordingly, it is advisable to check the demo version of the game and then directly bet with cash.

Why You Need to Play Internet Roulette?

Speaking about the advantages of online roulette and roulette game in traditional casinos, it should be noted that conventional casinos themselves cannot accommodate a large number of varieties of this game in their halls. In turn, most of the casinos can contain a dozen types of this game and take a great variety of bets. If we consider the advantages of online roulette in the broad sense of the word, in this case, the benefit of the casino is minimal, and that is why online players have very high opportunities of winning.

In addition, online players can use different strategies of the game and also get very vivid impressions of the realistic graphics and sound of the game.

Among the main advantages of best online roulette casinos are the following:

  • A large number of variations of this game.
  • Betting variety.
  • Ease of application of a game strategy.
  • A small advantage of the casino over the player.
  • A large number of tournaments online.

As a result, it is worth noting that online casino is a more variable and exciting version of this game. In addition, online casinos never limit their customers by the number of bets and amount of chips. If you are accustomed to playing this or that version of the game, then you just have to select it among the list of online games on a particular site and start playing.

Hottest Game Variations and Bets

One of the main features of online roulette is its variety. That is why, for such a long period of its existence, it is still popular among online players around the world. Nevertheless, it is necessary to highlight one of the most popular versions of this game and talk about their features. Among the most commonly used versions of this game are the following:

European Roulette

In this case, the roulette wheel is divided into sectors from 1 to 36 and has only one area of zero. The presence of this sector gives the casino an edge advantage of 2.7%. If the ball falls on the zero section, this implies a complete loss of all bets and a win in favour of the casino. Today most of the top online casinos for roulette offer this version of the game.

American Roulette

In this case, the number of sectors is increased to 38 because it contains an additional cell in the form of 00, which is also called double zero. Accordingly, the casino’s chances of winning slightly increase as the casino wins when the zero or double zero sector falls out. In this case, the opportunity to win at the casino is 5.3%. Such conditions directly affect the fact that online players have reduced demand for this game.

French Roulette

In this matter, the wheel is split into 37 sectors and substantially matches to the markup of the European variant of the play. However, one of the main benefits of this kind of game is that when the 0 area falls out, a casino compensates players for half of their stakes. Such conditions look very advantageous against the background of other variants of the game. That is why many players in the website variant choose this certain variation of the gamble.

Live Variant of The Game

Judging by the name, it is evident that in such a case, we are talking about classic European roulette, though there is a real croupier. Such a decision helps to feel the surroundings of the play even more realistic. By the way here the option of the random number generator does not apply. It is more about the so-called chances of luck that are equally distributed among all players.

Roulette Without Sector 0

Though, it has the same rules as European variant where the zero area is absent. Here, the options for gaining online players are even higher. This is the reason why this variation of the gamble is often called an honest roulette.

Stakes Variation

Prior you begin playing roulette casino online, one should comprehend what kind of stakes are present in this play. Conventionally, all stakes in this game can be of two types, namely internal and external.

Inner Stakes

Basically, these rates relate to stakes directly on a certain number or several figures and also in different areas. Winning percentage at these rates looks like:

  • Single number – 35:1.
  • Two numbers – 17:1.
  • Three figures – 11:1.
  • Four numbers – 8:1.
  • Six sectors – 5:1.

External Rates

External bets include so-called stakes on the colour of the sector, an even or an odd number, and rows and columns marked on the table. Accordingly, the percentage of winnings in online gambling roulette is as follows:

  • Twelve figures, coming in a column has 2:1.
  • Two characters, represented by three rows have 2:1.
  • Even or odd numbers 1:1.
  • Large or small figures 1:1.
  • Red or black sector 1:1.

The Play Process

So you could find out how to play online roulette effectively, one will not need much time. Even though this gamble is fascinating, the players don’t have to master any technical abilities despite all the seeming complexity of the play.

In order you can start, you will need to remember specific rules and features in online roulette review. As we have already mentioned, areas like 0 and up to 36 are placed on the wheel. Detailed markings are typical for a vast amount of variants of this gamble. Most often, novice players play the French or European versions. It is also worth noting that gambling in American option is riskier, and therefore, the beginning player should initially try more simple variations.

As soon as the ball falls on this or that section, the winning bets are determined instantly, and the players are automatically calculated. It is also worth noting that every online casino has its own threshold of minimum and maximum rates, which should also be taken into account when you decide to bet on a particular outcome of the game.

Top Latest Tips and Strategies

With particular skills and strategies for playing online roulette, all players can significantly increase their chances of winning and improve their style of play and find out how to play online roulette effectively. That is why it is worthwhile to separately dwell on the most necessary skills and tricks of playing online roulette that will give you a significant advantage during the time you make bets.

One Sector Zero

It should be borne in mind that roulette table online versions that contain only one zero sectors are more advantageous than, for example, American roulette in which there are several zero sectors. In order to demonstrate this, it is necessary to simply calculate the winning percentage of a casino in the roulette with one sector of zero which is 2.7%, and the American roulette in which the casino can win has 5.4% advantage.

Existence of Rule La Partage Option in The Game

The basis of all strategies for playing online roulette is to increase your own chances of winning and minimize the chances of winning by the casino. That is why it is necessary to choose the version of online roulette in which the rule La Partage is provided. In this case, if the zero sector falls out, the player will be able to receive compensation in the form of 50% of a bet from online roulette sites. Such a strategy is ideal for those players who most often bet on odd and even or red and black. In this case, the advantage of the casino will be only 1.35%.

Rule En Prison peculiarities of gameplay

One of the features of the gamble in the French variant of online roulette is also a rule En Prison. This rule implies that if the zero sector falls out, the player’s bet will be frozen until the next round. And if in the next round the player’s bet has won, then he/she is entitled to 100% compensation of a bet. In other words, the player simply receives a refund of the money. In this case, the casino advantage is 1.35%.

Examine The Probability of a Possible Win

Experienced new online roulette casinos players rarely make regular bets on a specific number or field. Most often, they use different combinations of numbers and make multiple bets. Thus, they increase the percentage of probability to their winnings. For novice players, such a strategy may seem very complicated, as you will have to carry out all calculations almost instantly. Therefore, it will be much easier if you remember the different probabilities of events that interest you, for example, the frequency of wins with a particular sector, colour, or even and odd numbers.

Leave The Game in Time

Such a strategy helps players get a big win in time to stop and take profits in the latest roulette casinos. This strategy is often used by a highroller who have learned to control all the psychological moments of the game and also understand that after a big win, a series of failures are possible. Such an approach can be mastered after specific training and practice in online roulette. However, it is worth remembering that it would be preferable if until you proceed with stakes, you decide for yourself exactly what kind of result you want to get, and if this result is achieved, perhaps you should just take a break and then continue the game again.

Online Roulette Software Providers

Before a player starts to play this or that version of online roulette, first of all, you should focus on the choice of online roulette provider and the casino in which this roulette is presented.

To date, there are hundreds of different web roulette online software developers. However, among all these companies, it is worthwhile to dwell separately on the most promising and technologically advanced ones.


The advantages that this provider opens are concentrated in the following:

  • Providing the player with the chance to become familiar with the top advanced internet roulette game toolkit in real time.
  • Great knowledge with games using a random number generator.

In fact, this company is one of the most technologically advanced in the market. Namely, its products can be called practically perfect.


Today all the products that this company produces are incredibly advanced and exactly satisfy all the expectations of online gamblers.

Microgaming Company

Probably all web casinos know about this company. The point is that this company is among top large-scale developers of mobile online options of games for Internet casinos. The vast majority of its products that this company has developed are among the top popular and provide an incredible benefit in terms of running the business.

Mobile Variations

No download roulette online on mobile is a top known internet game worldwide. First of all, to try this type of gamble, one needs to select one or another internet casino and register your account.

Today there are several ways to start playing:

  • Use a browser installed on the phone.
  • Install a unique mobile application.

To play Internet roulette using a browser installed on the phone, you need to enter the web address of your chosen game operator and then create an account and start gambling.

Live Roulette Peculiarities and Trends

Such type of internet roulette is trendy and is in high demand among players who do not trust the so-called any modification of RNG software. In this instance, you can gamble the Internet or TV roulette with a live dealer and also watch the spin of the real wheel. Such parameters help players to dive into the gambling atmosphere fully and also imply that now all depends mostly on luck.

Best Online Roulette Casinos 2019

Today a considerable amount of roulette websites that propose players the chance to try their hand at internet roulette. However, only some of them are licensed.

Among such casinos it is worth noting the following:

888Casino; Jackpot city; Betway casino; PlayAmo Casino.


If you are not lucky enough to find the issue you need, you can always contact customer support and get a full answer.

How Does Online Roulette Work?

Online roulette is based on a so-called random number generator. In other words, every time a wheel rotates, a ball falls on a section which is selected absolutely randomly using a special program.

Is There Any Difference Between Online & Offline Roulette?

By and large, there is no difference. Nevertheless, some traditional casino players are attracted directly by the atmosphere of the hall itself. However, in order to compensate this atmosphere, you can safely try your hand at Live Casino.

How Do I Get Started with Online Roulette?

Register on a website and proceed.

How Do I Add Money to My Online Roulette Account?

You can use any of offered methods at website.

Can I Play Roulette On My Mobile?

Sure you can, moreover it is one of the most convenient ways of gambling.

What Kind of Stake Is The Most Winning One?

This bet does not exist. Nevertheless, there are games variations in which the percentage of top online casinos for roulette benefits is slightly lower than in other rates. However, in this case, we are not talking about a specific bet or odds but more about this or that variation of online roulette.

What Are the Odds in Roulette?

Depends on a type of game you play.

What Is the Payout on Roulette?

Depends on a stakes you make.

What Number Hits the Most in Roulette?

Odds depend on the individual casino.


Today, such a gaming product as website roulette seems one of the top played online. The whole gameplay is quite simple, and absolutely every player will be able to understand it very quickly. It is also worth paying attention to the mobile version of the online casino. Such products are incredibly popular among experience and novice online players. They allow you to make bets in absolutely any place and with the availability of the Internet, like your own house, at your job or on vacation.

Before a player starts using the best online casino for roulette, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of one or another win online roulette and the platform on which this game was developed. It is also worth noting that these casinos must be licensed. Thus, the player will feel more secure, and there will be no problems with payout.