Shower Roulette Strategy

The Shower Roulette Strategy is a complicated system involving a lot of work but one that promises some high payouts. So allow us to describe all the stages of the shower roulette strategy.

The idea is to watch the results at four different tables and make a note of all the numbers that are spun in.

It is not as impossible a task as you may think, simply keep your eyes on the results board that highlights all previous numbers that have spun in.

To be exact, the number of spins you are interested in when applying the shower roulette strategy is 60, so you will also need a pen and paper to keep track of all the numbers.

Once you have 60 results for each of the four tables you have been watching, then it’s high time to stop taking notes and simply step in and to get into the game.

The best tactic is to choose the table where at least four numbers have been repeated, what do you plan to bet on? It is on the four or more numbers that have already been repeated.

Players should not select tables where more than two groups have appeared. You won’t change your bet in the next 30 spins.

The amount of your wagers should be 100% smaller than the whole bankroll. So if you want to make bets of $2, be sure that you have $200 bankroll and $200 backup. When you are lucky enough to double your bankroll, you are free to double your bet.

Use any roulette strategy that will eliminate house edge and it will help make a profit in the long term.