Roulette Betting Strategy Basics

Never fall into the trap of believing that a Roulette Betting Strategy is a way of getting casino operators into giving you higher payouts than usual. That’s just a dream and if it was possible then there would be no casinos!

A roulette betting strategy is no miracle it is just common sense and allows you to play to a preset level or sequence of numbers, in fact it can be quite boring as you will always know your next move.

There are several guidelines to follow that will increase your chances of winning, there are not that many of them, so it’s best to always understand fully a basic roulette betting strategy.

  • There are various kinds of bets in roulette including single number bets, column or line wagers, as well as outside even money wagers.
  • They say that single numbers should be avoided to improve a roulette betting strategy. As you may know American roulette has 38 numbers, should you make a single bet wager the chances you will win are about 0.026.
  • Now to the kinds of bets worth making, Red or black number wagers, odd or even numbers, as well as high and low number bets belong to this category.
  • The best roulette betting strategy is combining several kinds of bets, for example in the third column you can see 8 red and 4 black numbers, so betting on the third column and on red numbers, you increase your chances of winning should red numbers drop in.

Do you remember Ashley Revell who sold all his stuff and acquired $135,000 to put on red? It’s unbelievable, but he won, was it worth the risk, decide for yourself.!

Other roulette strategies dealing with betting are the Martingale, the anti-Martingale, the Labouchere, and the Fibonacci roulette strategies, there are not many others, those that exist are usually a variant of these.