James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond Roulette Strategy has nothing to do with mixed, not stirred vodka martinis, it is called this due to its close connection with the James Bond film.

The James Bond roulette strategy has been taken from Casino Royale where the well known Government agent 007 demonstrated his bright and always winning roulette strategy

This strategy is about you knowing what numbers to bet on before they appear! Quite unbelievable and in fact impossible!

This strategy belongs to the category of improbable systems and just like the fictitious character James Bond it is just pie in the sky, so if you see similar systems advertised you know to avoid them!

The basis of the James Bond roulette strategy is based around the dozen bets, which as they cover 12 numbers you would expect them to spin in more frequently than single numbers.

Sometimes the James Bond roulette strategy is thought to be related with fraud. On the Internet you can find articles on its legality or non-legality.

Recently a case has been reported regarding gamblers who managed to reduce house edge significantly whilst using a laser to predict where the ball was more likely to drop in, this was called the James Bond principle, due to its high tech appearance.

There is another way of winning illegally and that is to place a wager after the ball has landed in one of the number wells. This is done by distracting the Croupier and laying chips on the winning number, colour or column.

James Bond roulette strategy creates a mysterious and exciting impression. There is nothing more to add, than “Bond, James Bond”.