French Roulette Online

Out of the three main versions of roulette French roulette has the lowest house edge meaning that it’s definitely the most appealing option out of the three for high-rollers and regular players.

French roulette has almost the same rules as European and American roulette, but there are two additional rules which lower the house edge by a few percentage points. In addition, French roulette adds a few unique betting options known as French or Call bets.

While French roulette also features only a single zero just like European roulette the table layout is slightly different. Most websites offer the option to play online French roulette for free with no download so you can easily check the differences personally.

French Roulette Table and Wheel Layout

The French table layout is easy to recognize since usually the markings on the table are written in French, for example instead of Red and Black you’ll see the words Rouge/Noir. The betting sections for outside bets are placed on both sides of the main betting area and there is a special segment for French bets called the racetrack.

French roulette wheel layout is the same as the European roulette version and the numbers are alternating between red and black, even and odd and the zero is marked as green just like in the other two versions of the game.

French Roulette Rules

Same rules apply in French roulette as they do in the European and American roulette counterparts. The name of the game is successfully predicting what number or division on the wheel does the ball land in. Since there’s only one zero the game has a lower house edge than American roulette but there are two extra rules that lower the house edge even further making the French version even more player-friendly than the European one.

The two rules that we previously mentioned are:

  • La Partage Rule - If you’re already familiar with roulette bets then you know that the even-money wagers are statistically the safest bets to make with a 1:1 payout, the offset is of course that none of the bets cover the zero, at least not in the American and European versions of the game.La Partage Rule essentially changes this so that landing a zero doesn’t forfeit your entire bet to the house but splits it evenly instead. It’s not a huge game changer but saving half of your bet instead of losing it all feels much better than the alternative.
  • En Prison rule - This rule has a similar concept to the La Partage but with a different execution.
    Whenever a zero lands all of the even-money wagers will be marked by the croupier, the bets carry over to the next round of the game as if you skipped a bet and if the bet wins your original wager is returned if not the house takes it. This essentially gives you a 50/50 chance of keeping your initial bet instead of losing it.

French Roulette Odds and Bets

All of the bets are the same as the European and American versions of the game except a few added groups.

These special betting options called the French bets or the Call bets are essentially segments of the Roulette wheel as opposed to the table and are placed in the special “racetrack” section of the table, these Call bets include:

  • Neighbours of Zero (Voisins du Zero) – covers 17 numbers located between the 22 and 25 on the wheel, the bet is usually reinforced with some straight-up bets for the favorite numbers
  • Third of the wheel (Tiers) – This bet covers the numbers between 27 and 33 on the wheel and it includes 12 numbers which is a little riskier bet to take than the previously mentioned one
  • Orphans (Orphenelis) bet – These are the numbers 1,6,9,14,17,20,31 and 34 and they are located between the Tiers and Voisins du Zero bets.
  • The Final bet (Finales) – Is made on numbers ending with the same figure, so if your original bet is 3, betting on the Finales will also place a bet on 13,23 and 33.

These bets don’t change anything about the odds or the French roulette payout they just make betting on certain parts of the French roulette wheel easier.

French Roulette Strategy to Win

Just like in the other two versions of the game there is no surefire way of winning. Roulette Is a game of chance and spotting patterns or figuring out systems is nothing more than an illusion.

It’s much better to figure out what betting strategies suit your play style the most. On one hand betting on a few numbers only will be riskier but with potentially massive payouts, on the other hand going for safer bets like the column bet might not be as exciting but the winnings will add up.

Pocketing some of the winnings is also a smart move which ensures that you’ll always leave with more than you came in with.

French Roulette Practice

If you’re playing French roulette online for real money then you can usually choose between the Live Dealer and the standard version of the game.

Looking at a real croupier spin the ball is much more satisfying then just waiting for the animation to play out but if you enjoy mobile play more, then the standard version might run a lot smoother and be easier to just pick up and play .

In Summary

French roulette is the best choice out of the three main versions of the game simply because of the low house edge, if you want to play French roulette games online you can find some great casinos like William Hill, Grosvenor or Casumo that all offer great bonuses and optimized experience for both PC and mobile devices.

Most casinos offer a French roulette simulator that will allow players to play the game completely free and help them get a better understanding of the game, bets and strategies involved before playing the real thing.